Hiring a professional area rug cleaning gives your rug the deep cleaning you want in all the layers of your rug without damaging it. If there is no trapped grime building up to break the rug fibers, your prize rug will last a long time with care. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan is the cleaning service you need for your special heirloom rugs. You will be glad you called. We will discuss any repairs that need to happen to your rug we pick it up and we’ll provide an estimate.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan is your rug cleaning expert for your area rugs. Most homeowners and businesspeople have tried hand cleaning area rugs as a DIY project. Often this has poor results. If you use the wrong cleaning solution you fade or bleed the patterns. Leave your rug cleaning to Carpet Cleaning Manhattan. Let us make sure it’s done perfect. We’re here to protect your valued rugs.


Your handmade area rugs are woven in layers. Everyday grime collects in these layers and wears the rug out from the inside. If it’s not professionally cleaned, the grime shortens the life of the rug. Over-the-counter rug shampoos build up  residues that results in grime buildup because the residue left from rug shampoos doesn’t rinse out completely. Your rugs don’t hold up over time like they are supposed to because of this. When handled this way area rugs and Oriental rugs are subject to wear carpets aren’t because of this.

Sometimes drinks or food spilled are spilled on your rugs. Our favorite pets really complicate this, especially when they are young. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan gets rid of all the stains, affordably.

Your area rugs cost a lot to purchase. Handmade rugs gain value over the years. In Manhattan we can take care of all your cleaning needs. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan even picks up and delivers your area rugs. We take the trouble out of getting them cleaned.

Oriental rugs that are handmade using natural materials are handle with care sensitive. We understand the different fibers and how to handle them the right way. Cleaning area rugs with the wrong cleaning solutions cause the colors to  run or fade the rug. Retail cleaners damage the fibers because of the abrasives. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan will protect your investment

Professional rug cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly solutions keep your area rugs looking beautiful. In Manhattan, there is no better company to get your area rugs cleaned. Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan, we are the long time industry leader for carpet and rug cleaning.

Our pet urine and stains removal service  guarantees results. You won’t pay anything if your carpet isn’t perfect. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan guarantees this. We want you as a customer.