Sofa Cleaning Manhattan

Do you relax in the living room on the sofa? When we buy our living room sofa we always have  that in mind. For most people, our sofas make the living room the place to watch TV together or entertain. Perhaps even to just relax on a rainy day. Our sofas pulls all the different aspects of the decor in the living room together and it provides space to be together.

If owned a sofa for more than one day  you know that every once in a while spills happen. Spills can be easy to clean, but other times we spill things like red wine or chocolate. Our sofa gets stained. It always seems almost impossible to get the stains out. You try blotting hoping the stain will lift. But the stain is still there. When this happens, call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan. We’ll make your sofa perfect again.


Carpet Cleaning Manhattan has the best trained technicians in Manhattan that know how to clean those spots your sofa, carpets, and area rugs. We remove the stains, dirt, and built up grime. We don’t just clean, we really clean. We protect your furniture while we work.

Did you know your sofa will look brand new when our technicians are done? We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for upholstery. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan technicians are your expert cleaners. We clean the most difficult grime on your sofa and the most difficult stains easily.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan’s professional cleaning equipment goes deep into your sofa and gets what your household vacuum doesn’t. Regardless of  how clean you thought your sofa was before we started, you’ll be impressed when we finish. Built up grime in the couch collects inside the upholstery.  Most people don’t know how much wear and tear the average sofa takes when it’s not cleaned professionally.

You vacuum everyday and grime still builds up in the fabric. It’s not your fault. It happens to everybody’s sofa. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan has special equipment that reaches this and deep cleans. Remember, if it’s not professionally cleaned, the grime wears down the fabric fibers. This will eventually will ruin your upholstery.

Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan. We are here for you. Call for an appointment and our cleaning technician will come out and examine the stains and the condition of your sofa. We’ll use the right solutions to lift the stain. Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan for your sofa cleaning today.