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In Manhattan, should carpet cleaning be affordable? Carpet Cleaning Manhattan thinks it should.  We provide great carpet cleaning services at reasonable prices everyone in Manhattan can afford. We even guarantee your satisfaction with our work. Try our cleaning service and see why we are an industry leader in carpet cleaning.

In Manhattan we provide residential, commercial, and institutional cleaning carpet services.  Carpet Cleaning Manhattan delivers better cleaning service than our competition in Manhattan by doing a better job for a less money.  Everybody would like great cleaning services if they were affordable. If you have want to try a cleaning service, call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan.


Carpet Cleaning Manhattan uses our own environmentally safe cleaning solutions. We believe an environ-friendly company does a better job cleaning your rugs, carpets, furniture, and tile. We know areas of our homes and business would  benefit from a professional cleaners touch. We all have cleaning jobs we don’t have time for or would rather have someone else do. Our technicians will save you both money and time.

When you hire a cleaning company, you want to hire the one that knows the difference between the types of carpet and rugs on the market today. The difference between an antique Afghan and one with modern fibers is very large. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan always protects your carpet and rugs by cleaning them the right way. Different materials in the rugs mean different cleaning methods are used. We want to make sure you to get the longest life out of your rugs and carpet.

When you were buying your new home or apartment, you took the time to find the one that best fit your lifestyle. We buy furniture, carpet, and rugs the same way. Who doesn’t want the best value? Who wants to settle for something they almost like? With this effort we put into purchasing furniture, rugs and carpet, we want these things to last a long time.

So, how do we protect it and make it last for decades? Even exquisite antique furniture lends charm or cheapness to a room depending on how well it’s maintained. When it’s stained or not maintained, it becomes “old” furniture. Upholstery is the key to this equation. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan protects your investment by keeping your upholstery, furniture, rugs, and carpet clean.

Our lifestyle may not give us much time to give our furniture the best care. Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan to take care of your furniture and rug cleaning. We will make a big difference in the beauty and condition of your furniture and heirloom rugs. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan does this at prices you can afford. We guarantee our work.

Manhattan Carpet Cleaning


Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan for the best prices and service in Manhattan for carpet cleaning services. We want you to tell us about all the areas you want us to help with. For most people like you, it makes sense that spending time doing what you enjoy rather than cleaning grout or rugs is how you get the most out of life. Many of our customers feel this way. We’ll save you time and money so you can do the things you enjoy.

Call for an appointment, we’ll inspect what you want us to work on. We measure the size of the carpets, check the type of fiber and the amount of the soiling and staining. We look at the condition of the rugs and the furniture. We do this to match the right method and cleaning solutions to your furniture and rugs. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan protects your furnishings.

After the inspection our technician will give you a quote. When you give us the go-ahead we start the cleaning. First, all the stains are removed with our stain removing formula.  This is harmless to your fabrics, your pets, and your home. Our environ-friendly solutions are made from the best ingredients.

When the stains lift, the cleaning starts. We use commercial grade cleaning equipment suited for your furniture upholstery. We protect the upholstery while we clean it. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan is the best cleaning service in the area. Our customers keep coming back. We really rely on customer recommendations.

Fast Carpet Cleaning Manhattan


We use commercial cleaning equipment on your carpet and furniture. The equipment includes extraction tools that use suction to remove deep embedded grime and moisture from your furniture and rugs. Your furniture is dry when we’re done. You can even use your sofas and couches the same day.

When we are done cleaning, we apply disinfecting spray that gets rid of odors and allergens. It kills germs.  Your furniture smells showroom fresh again and is clean like it was when you bought it. Our cleaning services can also clean your area rugs to perfect condition.

We use an invisible fabric guard on your rugs and upholstery that protects against food stains and liquids spilled on your upholstery, carpet, or rugs, from future damage.  This will protect your furniture between cleanings. More important, this keeps your upholstery looking great.

Our commercial clients in Manhattan love Carpet Cleaning Manhattan’s attention to detail. Our approach to customer service has always been to clean it perfectly every time. In a business environment that can mean different things. Some companies want cleaning done on specific days for different offices, and other areas with sensitive information may require cleaning only in parts of the room.

Cleaning can vary according to different business environments. We are more than happy to adjust to what your company wants. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan developed services geared for all the individual needs of our commercial clients. Professional cleaning services in Manhattan for business and residential properties should be customized. If you want pricing for institutional cleaning in Manhattan, call us.

We excel at cleaning tile and grout. Your baths, kitchens, and floors look showroom quality after our technicians leave. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan constantly seeks out innovative ways to upgrade our methods. We add new techniques when we prove new techniques to be effective. We are always trying to improve our cleaning service for customers like you. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan believes in using innovative cleaning methods for furniture and flooring that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Rug Cleaning Manhattan


If you want to really accent any room purchase area rugs. They tie the different decor elements together. You choose from any of the many varieties of patterns and colors available, you can make any room look perfect. Area rugs range from cheap to buy to very expensive. Handmade rugs use delicate natural fibers and can have intricate designs. They make perfect heirlooms for your family.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan takes every care with your heirloom rugs. We handle your rugs gently because they can be irreplaceable. If your expensive rug gets a stain call us. We are an industry leader because we do it right. Customers trust us. Call us first for your area rugs and you will trust us too.

In our care, your rugs won’t lose their beauty. The rug’s colors won’t fade. The rug’s dyes won’t bleed. Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan for rug and furniture cleaning services.

If you clean your area rugs with vacuum cleaner, it won’t make your Afghan rugs clean. Vacuum cleaners only remove surface debris. Professional cleaning services protect your rugs. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan makes your rug very clean and protects its utility. Rugs are made in several layers of fibers. The inside layers cannot be accessed just vacuuming. We clean deep your rugs.

Cleaning your rugs with a vacuum will keep them looking good for a while but are they  germfree? Carpet Cleaning Manhattan knows making your rugs clean and free from allergens is important. The problem is our pets love our rugs just as much as we do.  We seal your rugs. They don’t build up grime and allergens in between cleanings.

Our services protect your rugs from damage future damage. The sealed fibers don’t absorb the everyday grime buildup or bacteria. It prevents wear on the fibers themselves. This prevents allergens from collecting in your rugs. It helps keep your home hypoallergenic. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan strives to give our customers great service and reasonable rates.

We are always there to help you. We even take care of water damage. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan are water damage specialists. Call us for cleaning, drying and restoration service if you have a water damage problem. We have the best prices for area rug cleaning in Manhattan. We also offer services for air duct cleaning, couch cleaning, rugs, upholstery and tile cleaning.

For commercial cleaning services, Carpet Cleaning Manhattan  will service every area in your corporate environment. We take care of the needs of commercial clients as well as our residential and institutional clients. We use industrial cleaning equipment and staff to handle any area the right way. Our commercial cleaning technicians make offices, public areas, rest rooms, and every other area you want cleaned absolutely spotless.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan gives free pickup and delivery service for rugs and specialty items. Our technicians pick up the rugs where you are. We lift all the stains, restore the rugs to perfect condition, and deliver them at your home or business with guaranteed results.

Environmentally safe cleaning products used on your valuable rugs not only clean them better, they protect your property. We use safe cleaning methods. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan is a environmentally friendly carpet, rug, and sofa cleaning company in Manhattan.

We Are A Step Ahead Of the Rest

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Whatever your cleaning problem is, Carpet Cleaning Manhattan will handle it for you. Most people that try our service become repeat customers. We count on word of mouth advertising from happy customers like you.

Call your experts at cleaning services for your antique and heirloom furniture and rugs. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan provides cleaning services at affordable rates. If you think cleaning services are too expensive, call us. Our prices are very reasonable.  Carpet Cleaning Manhattan values your time. Our attention to detail and professional service will make you glad you called.

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Manhattan Upholstery Cleaning


Let us take good care of your upholstery cleaning, carpets, and floors, using high-quality cleaning equipment made for upholstery cleaning. Your couches, chairs and love seats will always be in great condition. Why would you trust them to anyone else?

Various sized brushes are used for different kinds of fabrics on your upholstery. Different upholstery requires different tools. Leather upholstery requires special care. All leather upholstery needs to get cleaned with alternatives to soaps and water. Call us for upholstery cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan puts all the furniture back when we are through. You won’t need to move it after we leave. We guarantee you are satisfied with our work. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Call us for all your cleaning needs.


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